About us

About us

Dimore Santojanni originated from the love that we – three siblings: Antonio, Carlo and Gaetana – have for this region.

Maratea is the place where the idea of joining three areas of Basilicata – Tyrrhenian, Vulture and Potentino – started, offering hospitality at the splendid residences of our family.

Maratea is the place where we have spent most of our summers.

Our mother and our father passed us their passion and attachment to this pearl of the Basilicata region, set between the coasts of the Campania and Calabria regions.

Maratea won our hearts from the childhood and has never disappointed us.

We have always preferred this precious piece of land and its crystal clear sea to any other trip.

Over the years, we have hosted crowds of friends from everywhere, inviting them to explore this picturesque seaside resort which still remains a best-kept secret.

And everyone has always expressed their gratitude for this enchanting discovery.

And so, we decided to create a family business offering opportunities for new travellers to discover this magical place and share the love for this territory, as pure and uncontaminated as its sea.

Therefore, we renovated the splendid and precious House in the Harbour, belonging to our aunt Rosangela, a woman of great passion and refined taste for architecture and interior design, a lover of his country and her origins, to which we all are strongly attached.

The House in the Harbour overlooks the marina and is divided into two charming apartments – Crivo and Darsena – named after the nearest beaches, easily accessible from home, with their solid rocks and magnificent sea.

And for the curious ones, even the logo has its own history and was created as a reminder of aunt Rosangela, who loved flowers, especially the cyclamens which she picked venturing through every path.

The stems with three flowers on the top represent us – three siblings and three areas of the Basilicata region that this project will try to make better known.